Monday, July 27, 2009

Time Machine

There's a great shop on Main Street in Vancouver. In addition to being a junk collectors' haven, there are some wonderful sculptures created by the store's owner.

I love all his sculptures (I really want on of his espresso maker robots) but this time machine really caught my eye. It just screams Steampunk - although I don't know if the guy had ever heard of the term before I came in.

The store is called Old Stuff Two and is at 4510 Main Street, Vancouver, BC. No email, no website - he just sells through the store.

More pictures here on Flikr


DJ said...

Pretty neat. Stores like that and closing left & right where I live. It's such a bummer :(

Fiona said...

The last time I was in there he said he might have to close - the landlord was raising the rent.