Monday, September 26, 2011

New Age Thrift Store

A new stop for Wild Vintage hunting on Quadra!

One of the long streets running through Victoria, Quadra has three thrift stores that I hit at least once a month. On the way back from one of my expeditions, I caught a glimpse of this place as the bus went by. This weekend I dragged my ever patient husband out for a first look. It's close to our flat so we enjoyed a great walk through one of the more interesting neighborhoods in our area. I had to grab a picture of this:

The store is divided into two sections, each with its own entrance. The first one was mostly clothing but it also included some household stuff and jewelry. I took a poke through the clothes and they seemed to have pretty good quality stuff at reasonable prices. There was a good size section of children's clothes as well. I saw some vintage but the only thing that caught my eye was an 80s jumpsuit (and I'm not ready to face the 80s again yet). Not much in the way of jewelry or purses, although there was a red leather bag with Prada stamped on it - I would have bought it for $4 but the inside was filthy. Sigh...

On to the next section. Mostly new stuff - electronics, movies and games. There was a cute display of frogs near the entrance:

The interesting part was at the back - a warehouse like area with wooden shelves to the ceiling. Unfortunately, there wasn't much that I would consider vintage but it was a lot of fun to poke through things nonetheless. My husband pointed out these two alligators:

They look like they could be from the 70s but they didn't have any marks and they were a bit large for me to take a chance on. There were a few other interesting things, including an ornate antique table, chairs and buffet set that looked like it had seen better days. In the end the only thing I bought was a set of vintage invitations in the shape of hamburgers (no picture yet but they'll be in my Seagull Island Etsy shop soon).

All in all, not a terribly successful hunt. It's a great place for newer stuff and I'm sure the husband and I will be returning so he can look through all the DVDs and games while I do a proper search through the clothes. I might add it to my monthly Quadra expedition as well - who knows what kind of treasures might show up?

Like a unicorn with its very own rainbow chaser!